Ready to Sell Your Business?

Deciding to sell your business can sometimes be a tough decision but once you have made this decision we can assist you with how to confidentially market the opportunity to find a buyer.  Our brokers are well-trained professionals who are aware of your needs.  In fact, many of our brokers have experience as business owners.  We want to make sure that we can get you a fair price that meets your financial needs after the transition. 

Whether you are ready to sell your business now or are just beginning to consider selling, call our office for a confidential, no cost appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If we don’t think it is the right time to sell, we will provide you guidance on ways to make your business more attractive when the time is right. 

Why Business Brokers of San Antonio (BBofSA)?

Our Brokers Offer You...


As the Seller of a business one of your most legitimate concerns is confidentiality. Our office specializes in keeping all aspects of your business and desire to sell confidential. Of course certain information about your business must be disclosed to individuals who might be interested in buying your business. However this is only done after your Broker pre-screens, filters and registers every prospective business buyer. All Business Sellers are concerned that their competitors or employees will discover that their business is for sale. We act on your behalf as your business for sale intermediary. You and your business are his fiduciary responsibility. If you engage a broker, he or she is working for you to sell your business in the most professional, discreet and effective way possible.

The Time and Expertise to get the job done

Many first time business sellers either think about or try selling their business for themselves. Over time, the vast majority of these business sellers come to the conclusion that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to sell a business while running it day to day. In addition, keeping a potential sale confidential from employees is next to impossible. A business broker has the experience to handle the sale of your business in an efficient and professional manner. They know the procedures, the forms required and the proper methodology to protect you during the sale process. An experienced business broker who has spent a number of years developing an understanding of the current market and acquisition process can be invaluable in helping you sell your business.


Professional Marketing and Representation

Your business broker will prepare a Business Profile and/or a Confidential Business Review. These are informational packages that your broker uses when promoting the sale of your business. The Generic Web Profile is a single page marketing piece and its purpose is to present all the important details about your business; its basic financials, your facilities, your employees and an upbeat verbal description about your business. It is easy to read, in plain language and provides a snapshot of your business in an attractive and effective way. The elements of a Confidential Business Review are more detailed and similar to what you might find in a business plan that is prepared for a bank and will be essential should a prospective buyer or your business require third party financing. These packages are essential tools when representing a business for sale.


Business owners decide to sell their businesses for many reasons, from retirement, to relocation, to just wanting a change. Whatever your goals may be, selling your business is a venture best handled by professionals.

Security & Confidentiality

Business Brokers of San Antonio can market your business without current employees, customers or competitors being aware that the business is for sale. All inquiries and meetings regarding the sale of your business are confidential and may be scheduled in the evenings or on weekends. After a prospective buyer is approved and information is exchanged, your business broker will ask both parties to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. This agreement binds the prospective buyer from disclosing any and all proprietary information on the operations of your business.

Saving Time & Money

Utilizing the services of a business broker can speed up the selling process and save you frustration in dealing with the details. When your business is exposed to some of the most popular business for sale websites, this brings wide exposure for your business almost immediately. 


Business Brokers are highly experienced in the areas of business financing. Our expertise will be invaluable in negotiating an agreement that works for you. Through our office’s collaboration with SBA Preferred and local small business friendly lenders, your broker can begin to pre-screen prospective buyers for financing as soon as an inquiry is initiated.


Overcoming many obstacles to find a fair and agreeable deal, a business broker is instrumental in turning problems created by attorneys, accountants, landlords and buyers into creative solutions, keeping your best interests in mind.



Our office has relationships with several independent third party valuation companies. Here are several options that we provide:

    1. Opinion of Value: An estimate of the most probable sales price (MPSP) for a business based on our experience
    2. Calculation of Value (or “Value Calculations”) The objective of a Calculation of Value is to provide an approximate indication of value based upon the performance of limited procedures agreed upon by the appraiser and the client.  Although we try to follow USPAP, calculation reports are not officially considered an appraisal by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, however it does allow for “adequate” and ”reasonable” care to our clients.  Developed for our business intermediary clients, Calculation of Value reports are utilized to provide a “preliminary” value for the broker to list their client’s business for sale and to be utilized until a Complete Appraisal is required.
    3. Complete Appraisal Summary Report – Also called an “Abbreviated” or “Letter Form Written Report”, this abbreviated form of report is the minimum level of reporting embraced by the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) – BV Standards, but still meets USPAP requirements.  The report contains at least a summary of the material factors that leads to the conclusion, but is usually intended to reduce the normal appraisal burden of writing a comprehensive report, and thereby allowing the client to realize some economic benefit.  However, the appraiser is still required to perform materially the same investigation and analysis as would be required for a complete self-contained report and maintain in his/her files the work papers necessary to support the conclusions stated in the summary report.
    4. Complete Appraisal Self Contained Report – This is a formal presentation of the value of a business in a self-contained written report. If a valuation has the potential to go to court or if the report needs to be reviewed by others, such as the IRS for tax implications, this type of report explains in full detail how the value was derived.  Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and American Society of Appraisers (ASA) address the above as a “Comprehensive, Written Business Valuation Report”.  The Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) addresses the above as a “Formal Written Report”. 


Your Advisor will help you determine which business appraisal best suits your needs. The Advisor will also help you gather the information necessary for the appraisal and assist in packaging it to be sent to a third party Certified Business Appraisal Service.

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