BUSINESS BROKERS OF SAN ANTONIO      

                                                EXAMPLES OF SOME OF OUR COMPLETED TRANSACTIONS

     COMPANY DESCRIPTION             LOCATION                      PURCHASE PRICE                  ACQUIRED BY
     Automotive Repair Franchise             San Antonio, TX                $700,000                                     Individual
     Liquor Store                                     Texas Hill Country             $575,000                                     Individual
     Environmental Services                     Houston, TX                      $535,000                                    Corporation
     Insurance Agency                             San Antonio, TX                $1,325,000                                  Individual
     Computer IT Services                       San Antonio, TX                $534,000                                     Individual
     Wedding Photography                       San Antonio, TX                $251,000                                     Individual
     Wings Franchise                               San Antonio, TX                $600,000                                     Individual
     Bar with Live Music                          Texas Hill Country              $400,000                                     Individual
     Liquor Store                                     Texas Hill Country             $550,000                                     Individual
     Deli and Catering Franchise               Houston, TX                     $1,130,000                                  Corporation
     Courier Delivery Service                    San Antonio, TX                $330,000                                     Individual
     Sports Bar                                       Houston, TX                     $960,000                                     Individual
     Commercial Metal Fabrication            Texas Hill Country             $1,000,000                                  Corporation
     Cafe and Bakery                               San Antonio, TX                $220,000                                    Individual
      Specialized Safety Services               San Antonio, TX                 $2,500,000                                    PEG
      Sign and Banner                              San Antonio, TX                 $235,000                                    Individual
      Car Wash                                        San Antonio, TX                 $220,000                                    Corporation
      Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer     San Antonio, TX               $3,400,000                                  Corporation
      Durable Medical Equipment               Houston, TX                     $850,000                                     Corporation
      Specialty Gift Shop                           San Antonio, TX                 $130,000                                     Individual
      Truck Repair                                   Eagle Ford Shale               $1,250,000                                    Corporation
      Liquor Store                                    South Texas                       $330,000                                     Individual
      Retail Store                                     San Antonio, TX                 $250,000                                     Corporation
      Ice Cream Parlor                             San Antonio, TX                 $220,000                                     Individual
      Engraving                                       Texas Hill Country              $408,000                                      Individual
      Dry Cleaner                                   San Antonio, TX                 $550,000                                      Individual
      Home Health Care Agency               San Antonio, TX                 $1,400,000                                   Corporation
      Pet Store                                        San Antonio, TX                 $175,000                                      Individual
      Liquor Store                                    Texas Hill Country              $446,000                                      Individual



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